First some thanks. If my work is pleasing, thank those who trained me, especially my father and mother, who were exceptional artists, the staff at the Corcoran School of Art, where I studied many years ago and Lisa Semerad, who took me under her wing, simply the finest art instructor at the Art League in Alexandria, where I now often study.   My training first began with my parents.   Mom was into water color and Dad was into oil and ceramics, as well as water color.   I've always liked cubism and surrealism, as well as Dada, and the works of Stuart Davis and Jacob Lawrence.

Here are a few samples so that you know my style of painting and what interests me. Each picture is a thumbnail. Just click to see the full picture.




I met a lady in Bangkok being pulled apart by her children in a museum, seemed like the gallery was falling in on her. She wasn't naked but her clothes were provocative.) Semi abstract


Why not try being painted in alternative colors, great for creating an "inner view?"


NY Political Activist -- done in cubist style.






Italian War Horse 


African Refugee  



Smoker in Leesburg


Running From Totalitarianism 


Fisherfolk.   Inspired by Maurice van Essche 



John Naylor, a relative of mine from Wheeling, West Virginia.


Bartender in Washington, DC.


East Hampton leader, a powerful political leader and friend.



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