Here are a few samples so that you know my style of photography. I try to tell a story with nearly any portrait and certainly this is true of photography. Some of these were used to illustrate magazine articles.   Each picture is a thumbnail. Just click to see the full picture.

Some pictures simply intended to document. This is an ancient wheel I found in the Western Desert of Egypt. Picture was used to illustrate a manual.

Cover photo for Cairo today, a tourist magazine in Egypt. it took ten shots to get this right. The Bedouin in question loved sitting on the edge of forever, which is the name of the picture. Would have done the picture in one shot; but he moved a lot.

Some portraits are best taken outside.  This lady needed a portrait; but I felt natural light would be best, bring out the youth in her face.

The person in this shot kept asking for a portrait but refused to sit in my studio, so knowing she liked to explore, I took this shot.   

Photography can be dangerous. This is a shot of an unexploded bomb. I like that kind of "illustration." The picture was taken in Sudan. I almost fell down the hole where this thing sat, so I took the picture to warn others.  Was used by the United Nations.

Picture I took of myself during flood rescue operations in Wadi Watir, Sinai. Once again, the idea is to tell a story, not just do a snap shot.  Photo was featured in a manual on Bedouin tribes.

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