I love charcoal. You can get dirty, push the material around with your fingers. Each picture is a thumbnail. Just click to see the picture in focus.  Perhaps the greatest influence on me in this area when I was young was Kathe Kollwitz.   Of course, I didn't know here; but her emotional art breathed life.  Works like Woman and Death or Run Over left me in tears.  Having two parents who were accomplished artists helped a lot, as well as all the visits to studios in Europe and the Middle East to watch artists.




Inspired by Nicholai Fechin after a trip to see his former home in Taos. My original was in charcoal; but who says charcoal needs to be in black and white?


The idea here is to break away from the traditional baby portrait and instead place the child in an original setting. Fifty years from now wouldn't it be nice for him to point to his portrait and know it is him because the picture is unique -- not like a million other baby drawings?


Young Italian Girl





Pueblo Reservation Policeman. Again, this is a good case where color added to charcoal helps.  


found a snapshot of a lady from the depression in the United States whose quiet dignity really inspired me. 


George Morrison, Native American Artist  




Nude Portrait of a NY friend.


This woman has a very direct way of looking
at you.  Washington local.


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